Employment branding 101

Posted October 2nd, 2018
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Let’s face it: job markets are tight right now, and competition is fierce when it comes to finding and retaining the employees who will keep your company moving forward. That’s why part of your approach to hiring should include a strong employment branding strategy.


What is employment branding?


Employment branding, like overall branding for your organization, is a conscious and critical effort to communicate the values and strengths of your organization, but it is geared specifically toward recruiting and retaining highly qualified employees who are a good fit for your business. You’re not selling your product. You’re selling your company itself as a good place to work for motivated talent.


Why is that important? Your employment brand strengthens your workforce through higher retention rates and lower cost-per-hire and minimizes the amount of time positions go unfilled. This can mean better operations and, ultimately, benefits to the bottom line.


Our full-service agency approach ensures you that we’ll develop an employment brand strategy that fits your needs.


Our five steps to developing an employment brand strategy

Step one: Define your brand. We begin by developing insights into your organization’s work environment. We’ll look at your culture, your mission and values, your work experiences, your key talent drivers and your management practices. We match those insights to our own market research on the values of employees and candidates and identify which ones you can “own” to become an employer of choice.


Step two: Develop an employee value proposition (EVP). An EVP is the reason why employees feel vested in your organization. It clearly outlines the value of your company to employees and vice versa, embracing the work environment and opportunities you promise your employees in exchange for their commitment. We also test this EVP to ensure that your messaging is on target.


Step three: Create the brand identity. Your employment brand identity is the look, feel and voice of your company as an employer. It is important that the employment brand identity align with the corporate brand identity.


Step four: Communicate the message and leverage the right channels. During this phase, we create and implement a communication plan to share your company’s employment brand throughout the talent lifecycle, from prospective employment to retirement.


Step five: Measure and adapt. To ensure ongoing success, we help you identify, monitor and track key performance indicators for your employment brand.



Do your recruitment and retention efforts need some development? Give us a call. We’ll be glad to help.