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What is dark social and how can it attract customers?

Be part of the REAL conversation by opening the door to dark social As marketers, our job is to help clients find their audiences and engage… Read More

Andy Reierson named CEO of RR46

We have big news. Andy Reierson has been promoted to CEO of RR46, Flint Group’s parent company. RR46 is a family of nine businesses established to… Read More

A tour of Super Studio’s funky new space

When you walk into the new Super Studio workspace, your eye is immediately drawn to delightful little details that speak to a larger purpose. Graphic tiling… Read More

How to recruit Generation Z employees

What about Gen Z? By now we’ve all been flooded with messages on millennials and how to cater to the millennial generation, but hot on their… Read More

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. But not for us.

70 years is a long time to be in business, especially in the ad agency world. November 1, 1949, H.E “Wes” Westmoreland founded the H.E. Westmoreland… Read More

How powerful is TikTok for your brand?

As real-time media continues to grow with new opportunities each day, one question is always constant. How can we stay ahead of the competition? More specifically,… Read More

How to be a proactive project manager

The value of project management can be difficult to articulate. Trust me on this – I have been working hard to quantify, justify and convince organizations… Read More

4 design tips to drive sales

Everyone is familiar with the infamous yellow starburst. You see it in the Sunday circulars, car dealership flyers and TV infomercials. Are they pretty? Nope. Do… Read More

5 agency trends to know in 2019

Last week I traveled to my favorite city in the USA, New York City, for the Digital Agency Expo 2019. Content ranged from strategic insights to… Read More

Channel marketing: How to make it easy, measurable and affordable

Many of our clients are businesses with dealer channels. One of their biggest questions: “How do we get our dealers to better market our product line?”… Read More

Introducing: Between Two Flames

Introducing: The world premiere of “Between Two Flames”! Flint Group’s Kris Kerzman comes at you live(ish) in a new video series that will discuss marketing, business… Read More