Content Strategy

Questions about where and how to communicate with your audience can be tricky to answer. Flint Group can be your guide. We know how to build valuable content that nurtures trust. More importantly, we know how images, words, videos and other media fit together to form comprehensive strategies.

Conventional advertisement is just the beginning. We know it has its place, but we’ve seen how digital communication can take you to new and interesting places traditional marketing cannot. No matter what step in the content process you find yourself at, consider Flint Group your collaborator.

From ideation all the way through to tracking and adapting for future campaigns, we’re here for you.


Let us take care of groundwork and perform the heavy lifting. We can deliver custom strategies that work toward the specific goals of your business. We’ll show you how well-crafted content can be your ticket down the path to success.

Work with us and get:

  • Content pillars
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • User insights
  • Content calendar planning
  • Distribution and amplification
  • KPIs and success metrics


At Flint, we’re about creating strategic, purposeful content. From blog posts to videos to podcasts – you name it, we’ve done it. But what sets us apart is an intimate, tested knowledge of what messages and techniques resonate with each medium’s audience.

Get practical insights on:

  • Content your audience wants
  • What your competitors are doing
  • Delivering content effectively
  • Driving your customers to action

We ensure that all content is tracked, measured and analyzed to constantly learn what’s working and to improve ROI.