Measurement & Analysis

Every business strives for efficiency. For us, that means ensuring the best possible return for every dollar you spend on media.

Our analysts use industry metrics to uncover answers to your big questions:

  • How is your marketing bringing real, measurable results?
  • How best can you act on those results?
  • Where are the opportunities for growth?

We think every decision should be informed by insights, while keeping an eye toward customer experience. Their success equals your success.


Flint Group can work to organize your marketing data and come back with easily digestible, informative summaries. Understand exactly how you’re performing in the market. Use this information to inform your choices, strategy and future direction.


Have us arrange your predefined key performance indicators into a tailored interface that allows you to inform your business goals, align to your big-picture objectives and branch off with reports for your team. The result is a comprehensive, high-level view of how your business is performing.

Analysis & Optimization

Explore the nuances of your customer’s journey with data and reports that illustrate what’s happening at every step of the path to conversion. We can help you leverage acquired insights to make sure every dollar of your media spend is doing its job.

Performance-Driven Campaigns

The work doesn’t end when a campaign goes live. Collaborating with us means we can measure marketing activity in real time and adjust or pivot as necessary to make sure you’re getting what you need from a campaign.