Research Internship

Part time/Fargo

Interested in a research internship?

We’re pretty excited about that. There’s just something we need to know first: WHY do you want to intern at Prime46, a Flint Group partner?

  • Because we’ll take your SKILLS and EXPERIENCE to the next level?
  • Because you’ll get to do work on exciting projects—and get PAID for it?
  • Because you’re FIRED UP for great culture?

Show us your perspective on Prime46.

Tell us why you want an internship at Prime46 in a “creative submission.” Use your favorite medium—if words are your strength, crank out an essay. If technology is your forte, record a video. Get creative!

Submission – Have you done a creative project where you have had to share the information visually? Or where you have been detailed and creative in how to organize or manage a project.  Share an example of your skills through highlighting your experience.

Tell us why we should select you to be a research analyst/PM intern?

Internship Requirements

To be eligible for an internship, you must:

  • Currently be attending college
  • Have enough credits completed by the beginning of the internship to be considered at least a junior

Internship Perks

What will you get out of an internship at Prime? How about all of this and more:

  • An advantage over other job candidates and the potential to become a full-time employee
  • Flexible hours – work with us to create your schedule (minimum of 15 hours per week)
  • A paycheck! You’ll receive an hourly rate for the work you do as an intern
  • The chance to learn from a Prime46 mentor who’s experienced in your area of career interest

What you’ll do as a Research Intern

  • Research project participant recruitment
  • Outbound communication management
  • Fulfillment on research studies
  • Survey programming
  • Presentation creation
  • Peer review tasks
  • Project management tasks
  • Database cleanup projects

Apply today!

  • Upload your creative submission below, along with your resume and any additional work samples you want us to see.
  • You may upload your files in Word, PDF or image formats.
  • If you created a video, please upload it to a hosting site such as Vimeo and submit the link below.

We are E-Verify compliant as well as an Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in our hiring or employment practices. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, or any other characteristic protected by State or Federal law.