Bobcat Brand Campaign

Showing Bobcat’s hardworking customers its even tougher machines.


All over the world, Bobcat machines are used by the toughest people to do the toughest jobs. The company wanted messaging that would give end users real product information while reinforcing the identity of the brand, namely its commitment to quality, reliability and durability. Flint was charged with creating a campaign that reignited the heart of the Bobcat brand while maintaining the flexibility to be deployed across print ads, press releases, online display ads and Bobcat’s own website.


First, a comprehensive study on customer awareness and perception provided us with insights about the current state of the brand, and core needs moving forward. We tapped into the brand’s overarching personality, and offered concrete examples of the products’ strength in action. The theme was simple: “You only tougher.” Highlighting hardworking people and the rugged Bobcat machines they use to get work done.


Testing with focus groups across five key US markets showed that this concept resonated extremely well with audiences, earning the highest engagement score Bobcat had ever seen. The campaign went live, and customer feedback was resoundingly positive. Bobcat had cemented its position as an industry leader while creating greater awareness of its ever-evolving product catalog.