US Navy Public Relations & Outreach

Working with the US Navy to reach new ports of call

Charting a course for the Midwest

Much of the U.S. Navy’s equipment and personnel are located on the coasts for obvious reasons. Inland communities like Fargo, North Dakota, don’t have regular opportunities to learn about what the Navy does and its role in national security. That all changed when Flint Group was recruited for public relations help in our own backyard.

Getting their sea legs

Doing outreach in an area that isn’t directly served by the Navy meant facilitating new connections. Collaborating with the Navy Office of Community Outreach contractor General Dynamics Information Technology, our PR professionals made introductions and assisted in building relationships with 40 contacts from 28 organizations during the Navy’s weeklong initial site visit (ISV) in April 2021.

A week to remember

The purpose of the initial visit was to lay the groundwork for a full week of sailor visits, equipment demonstrations and general outreach – Fargo Navy Week 2021. It was planned for July 19-25, 2021, and the goal was to have 75 total engagements.

Finishing with flying colors

Navy Week ended up being a total of 94 events happening around the city of Fargo, which led to a wealth of coverage across different media: