15 TED Talks guaranteed to inspire


As professionals, we are always looking for new ways to educate ourselves. One main way we search for inspiration is through TED Talks. They allow for our curious minds to dive into new ideas and ways of thinking. Here are 15 TED Talks that I recommend you listen to when you have time or need some inspiration.



Learn from those above and below you. Generational management strategies are so different but learning from each other is how great leaders are formed. (12 minutes)

Baby boomers, millennials, Gen X, oh my! Wise words considering “almost 40% of us in the United States have a boss that’s younger than us” – Chip Conley. There is always something to learn from someone else, regardless of their age. (12 minutes)

Embracing joy incorporates basic human interactions. This four-minute video explains what it takes to make your employees happy at work. Hint: It’s pretty simple.

Building lasting relationships is a key element of being a professional. This talk gives some concrete advice and evidence as to why networking is so incredibly important! (14 minutes)

More than a compliment, praise is different than appreciation because praise doesn’t happen after you fail. Speaking of failing? Failing to accept compliments just as genuinely as you give them out brings both people down. (18 minutes)

Personal growth

 Ask “what if?” Adaptability is becoming the skill that future investors and employers are turning to. (6 minutes)

Public speaking tips from Mr. TED Talk. There are four basic rules to follow when it comes to public speaking and it doesn’t have anything to do with how well you speak in front of people. (8 minutes)

Ellen is right – “Be kind to one another.” Being kind and nice to your coworkers makes your work life better! (15 minutes)

Need to get creative? I’m sure you’ve heard this tip, but when you use it matters just as much. (5 minutes)

Rejection shouldn’t be your roadblock. Just ask, “Why?” (15 minutes)

Embrace joy! Joy looks bright, round and colorful; why are offices monochromatic, square and dull? Research proves a few changes around your office or your cubicle will make all the difference. (13 minutes)


Lose control of your social media. Social media is not your enemy when it comes to interacting with your consumers – they control how it goes, which is not a bad thing. Losing control of the path your social media takes gives consumers the roadmap to long-term brand trust. (6 minutes)

¡NO MAS! Prioritize your time to get more work done! This short video incorporates how to prioritize your time to accomplish more in your workday. (6 minutes)

Technology is not an ambiguous thing – it’s a person. By incorporating your technology in the flow of an organizational flowchart, you’ll be more successful and better utilize the resources you have. (11 minutes)

Graphics look cool and don’t have to be complex. This five-minute video gives some great tips about the complexity and simplicity of graphics for data.

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