5 free ways to get traffic to your blog


So, you’ve established a blog. You’re in a good rhythm, posting authentic, conversational and useful content about once or twice a week. The hard part is over, right?


One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a blog is not writing it, but rather getting people to read it. The tactics below will explain how to get traffic to your blog.


First, allow readers to comment on your posts. Second, incorporate Facebook Comments box, which lets readers comment on your blog from their Facebook accounts, post those comments to their Facebook profiles, and share them with their friends on Facebook – all with just a few lines of code. Facebook APIs bring the conversation full circle, allowing you to pull comments related to your blog from Facebook and incorporate them into your site.

2. Social media

Make your site sharable by including all the major social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn), preferably underneath the title of each post.

3. Contests

To garner comments, which also boost your search engine results, incorporate a contest where readers comment for a chance to win. Maximize your contest’s reach by incorporating the Facebook Comment box and social media buttons.

4. Link-building

Search for and include relevant, quality inbound links. This will help your blog rank better in search engine results, because search engines view inbound links as endorsements of your blog’s credibility. One of the best ways to do this is by guest blogging on another site.

5. Keywords

Conduct keyword research (such as through Google’s Keyword Planner tool) and incorporate words and phrases your target audience is using. This will help potential customers find your blog through organic search.

How do you drive traffic to your blog? Share with us in the comments below.

Ericka Olin

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