5 media trends to look out for during 2021


2020 has disrupted every area of life. As an agency, we are here to share how to reach your target market through media in 2021. To do this, it is important to know the trends and barriers of the flooded media landscape.


Here is what you should know:


1. Theater advertising is obsolete. It’s all about OTT/CTV.

Since COVID closed all the theaters and forced releases to push through streaming services, there is no need to leave your home to attend big movie premieres.


The push to streaming for movie releases has escalated the streaming wars, which in turn has increased media spend in over-the-top and connected television (OTT/CTV). The Drum shared good insights.


2. New ecommerce channels and advertisements.

With the pandemic encouraging people to stay home, there has been an increase in the time consumers spend online, including new ways to make their everyday purchases online.


New ecommerce channels and advertisements in those channels have emerged and are progressing, including Facebook expanding on its ecommerce offerings. Find out more about ecommerce channels.


3. More advanced analytics.

From social media platforms to Googling an item, that data helps form your media plan. Both traditional and new media will be used to deliver a balanced strategy and determine the quality of investments, creative content and advertisement fatigue.


Utilizing and understanding these analytics will help determine which type of media is best to reach the intended target market.


4. OOH will recover but needs to remain adjustable.

Out-of-home advertisements (billboards, bathroom ads, etc.) have taken a hit during the pandemic and will recover as states begin to open back up and people start traveling, going to restaurants and bars again.


There has been an increased use in digital billboards due to the flexibility that the current climate demands (political and COVID-19-safe).


5. Media will continue to be customizable and flexible.

During 2020, media had to adapt, then adjust, and adapt again. That will continue into 2021. Brands need the versatility to step back or cut off their ads quickly.


Similarly, many brands will continually look to local media to help respond to the broad variety of local COVID laws, closures and variation in market demand, whether they are regional or national in distribution. The required personalization will be supported by geo-targeted media. Forbes shares details.



Reach out to us for media inquiries. We’re happy to help you adjust your media plans accordingly.

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