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Applying for internships and jobs can be stressful. I’ve put together a list of five tips and tricks that helped ease my stress, and I hope they help you, too!


1. Network 

From my first day of college freshman year, I made a point to meaningfully connect with everyone in my field at North Dakota State University. By meaningful, I mean a connection that is professional and not forgotten about; nobody likes having to catch up after months of not talking. LinkedIn is a great tool for keeping up with old co-workers, classmates and finding open positions. Updating your information allows you to make more connections. Keep your profile professional, but also make sure to keep it authentic to who you are!

2. Join clubs 

There are countless organizations at every college. From Greek Life to Paintball Club, there is something for everyone. I joined the Public Relations Student Society of America, or PRSSA, my freshman year. This is a PR club meant to help students get involved in the industry and gain experience while still in school. Almost every single person I have ever networked with has explained that having even just one club listed on a resume is an instant eye-catcher. Being involved in extracurriculars shows how much you truly care about your professional future.


3. Be creative 

When applying for positions, it’s important that you try and stand out as much as possible. Including a creative submission with your application shows your “fun” side and gives employers a look at what you are capable of. Flint Group requires this when interns apply! Show off your strengths on your resume, and be specific in what you have experience in. If you don’t have much experience with a specific program, don’t lie about it! Here is what I chose to submit for my creative submission. I was able to showcase my skills and allow Flint to get an idea of how I would fit in with their company culture!



4. Stay curious

When you find yourself in an interview, make sure you’re asking questions! Prior to my interview, I did research on the company and even did a mock interview with the career center. Even though I did all of this preparation, there were still questions I had about the culture of the company. I took time at the end of the interview to ask these questions and hear more about the company to see if it aligned with my values of what I wanted in a company. “Stay curious and open-minded” is actually a company value here at Flint!


5. Stay true to yourself

Ah, the most asked interview question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” While this may seem like an easy question to some, employers use it to gauge how interested you are in the company and your future with that company. For me, my end goal is to be with a company that allows growth. Throughout my interview process, it was made very clear to me that Flint’s goals and values aligned very well with my own. From day one at Flint, I have been true to who I am and open with those around me about what I hope to get out of my time here.

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