A house without a kitchen would suit our Robin just fine. Wine rack required, however.


“If I could build a house with no kitchen, I would,” says Robin Bjerken, who works in our accounting office. “Grilled cheese and tomato soup is fine with me. Plus a glass or red wine each evening.”


Keeping it simple even as things get complicated

Robin, who has worked in our Fargo office since 1988, has also helped the agency grow from one office with a total of 20 employees to the Flint Group, which now includes 10 offices in two countries and nearly 100 total employees.

“When I started, I shared a huge desktop computer with another employee. We took turns using it for accounts payable, time entry, billing and other accounting duties. We also had a trusty typewriter,” Robin recalls.

“Even at that time, taking care of the finances of our agency was much more than simple bookkeeping, and it’s just become more intricate as the agency group has grown,” she says. “I’ve enjoyed being part of all the changes, and have tried to keep the billing and other parts simple and understandable for our employees and especially our clients.”

More time for her favorite boys

No preparation, cooking, baking or clean up leaves Robin more time to spend cheering on the Minnesota Twins (Josh Willingham is her current favorite player, and she gets to Target Field at least once a season). Robin also has more time for her grandson, Jacob, who is now two.

Robin's grandson Jacob.

Robin's grandson Jacob.

With their two sons now grown, Robin and her husband, Jim, also have more time for their two dogs. Both are Weimaraners, but only Pete is designated “naughty.” Robin takes them on long daily walks, since they require exercise and she enjoys the time outside.

Meet Molly, now 11.

Meet Molly, now 11.

Pete doesn't look so naughty, does he?

Pete doesn't look so naughty, does he?

Keeping things simple at our offices and at her home has served Robin very well. We’re grateful for her quiet presence—and frequent tales of Pete’s escapades.

Get to know a Flintster: Q + A with Robin!

What’s your dream job? Manage a kennel for rescue dogs

What was your first job? Waitress at A & W Restaurant in my hometown of Milbank, S.D.

What did it teach you? That’s a job I don’t want to have

What is one thing you’d be willing to practice for an hour a day? Piano

What sound do you love? Quiet

What scent do you love? Rain

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