It’s April 1 and Flint Group is opening a Hawaii location!


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Here at Flint Group, we’re bursting with excitement. I’m just going to come out and say it, because I can’t take it anymore: We’re opening a Hawaii office!

Say whaaaa? Yeah, you read that right. Flint Group’s Hawaii office will open April 28, 2014. Aloha state here we come!Flint Hawaii logo

Why Hawaii?

Good question! Aside from the warmer temps, amazing seafood and epic surfing (need we go on?), Hawaii offers immense opportunity for Flint Group. Our leadership team has been considering the location and planning the launch for several years now, which is why it’s so exciting to FINALLY be able to share it with you.

Thanks to Hawaii’s mild, year-round climate, the state has a rich agricultural industry. It grows everything from sugarcane and pineapple to coffee and macadamia nuts. In fact, Hawaii supplies 90 percent of the world’s macadamia nuts and is the only U.S. provider of coffee.

macadamia nutsWith our sister agricultural agency AdFarm, opening a Hawaii location is a natural step for Flint Group.

Scouting the location

Our new office will be located about 2 miles from downtown Honolulu near Ala Moana Beach Park.Flint Group Hawaii location building

We’ve been sending employees to scout locations for the past year. And while we looked at other islands like Kauai and Maui, Honolulu’s economic vitality presents an ideal opportunity to serve the agriculture, aerospace and tourism industries most effectively.

Flint Group CEO and Flint employee in Hawaii in Hawaiian shirts

Flint Group CEO Roger Reierson (left) on a scout in Oahu with Eric Piela, Flint Group director of organizational development, last July.

Flint employee Jen Strickler and her husband in Hawaii.

Jen Strickler, our VP of User Experience, with her hubby in Kauai.

Flint employee Ken Zakovich with his wife and kids in Hawaii.

Ken Zakovich, creative director at our Duluth office, with his wife and kids. We sent them to research the island of Maui, specifically the northwestern area of Kāʻanapali.

Flint employee Heather Seeley and her husband at the beach in Hawaii

Flint Interactive Project Manager Heather Seeley with her hubby. They looked into the south shore of Maui, in an area called Kihei.

Luau launch

We’ll be hosting a luau launch event on May 7. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, watch our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to see more pictures of our new office space!

This new endeavor is the pinnacle of our quest to AIM HIGHER.

Volcano with Hawaii logo coming out of it


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