FargoConnect returns to “get real” about digital marketing mayhem


We might pretend it’s not, but let’s get real; keeping up on the latest digital marketing strategies, tactics and technologies is exhausting – nay, grueling. This is coming from a marketing nerd surrounded by smarter marketing nerds who get paid to stay on the bleeding edge of these technologies. Yet I’m constantly reminded by industry bloggers, savvy clients and even my teenage cousin that new game-changing digital platforms seem to pop up every day (not to mention the constant changes to existing networks we thought we understood) that provide more opportunity to connect businesses with their customers.

Now combine that with the tightwire act of integrating each of these digital platforms to succinctly and genuinely represent your brand, and you’ve got a good sense of the labyrinth marketers navigate daily. Feeling nauseous yet?

Enter FargoConnect.

FargoConnect 2015: Sept. 15 at the Avalon Event Center West

It’s in that spirit that Flint Group presents the FargoConnect communication and technology conference. Coming off last year’s sold out event, the second annual FargoConnect is back to gather our best and brightest, not only to talk about what’s going on with communication and technology, but to help you lead the charge.

In 2015, FargoConnect will provide direction on every digital tool and tactic to help you stand out and represent who you really are. Your social media outposts are just the beginning. Every interaction – Web, email, mobile and even traditional media – presents opportunities to be more relevant, more interesting and more real.

More speakers than you can shake a selfie stick at

Content is king and heavy is the head that wears the crown. Good thing FargoConnect is stacked with nationally renowned digital marketing royalty – not to mention over a dozen local thought leaders presenting on their proven marketing efforts. Here are a few of the speakers hitting the stage:

  • Marcus Sheridan, a swimming-pool installer turned content marketing authority and The New York Times’ revered “Web marketing guru.”
  • Daniel Lemin, a senior strategist for one of the world’s fastest growing and premier digital marketing consulting firms, Convince & Convert.
  • Anne Blackhurst, president of MSUM, who has garnered fanfare from both alumni and current students (they’ve even started her own hashtag #AnneFan).
  • Tonya Stende, Dale Carnegie Business Group of North Dakota’s chief engagement officer and electrifying public speaker – sure to have you leaving your chair motivated to conquer your world.

In addition, breakout session and mainstage panel presenters Erik Hatch (Hatch Realty), Jake Joraanstad (Myriad Mobile), Andrea Dinneen, (BCBSND), Marisa Jackels (Emerging Prairie), Andrew Scherr (LeadPages), Jodi Phillips (Butler Machinery Company), Clint Howitz (dogIDs), Josh Behl (Summit Group Software) and the digital marketing experts at Flint Group make up a killer cast of local talent worthy of the limelight. Despite their different backgrounds and industries, our speakers have learned that unbelievable success comes from a very real place.

Join us

You can find more information, register or become a sponsor at the FargoConnect website.

Our team looks forward to seeing you at the newly remodeled Avalon Events Center West in September. In the meantime, join the conversation online with the hashtag #FargoConnect.

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