Find your perfect fit: 3 questions for better marketing


Contrary to a defining movie of my youth, there is not a magical pair of marketing jeans that will fit every company. Yes, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” lied. I said it. Don’t @ me. A financial institution won’t fit into the same jeans as a casino or manufacturer, and that’s okay! The best fit is the one tailored to you.

As marketers, we get it. It’s exciting to get caught up in the latest trends. I tried the middle part. It didn’t work. Before you create that TikTok account that gets abandoned after a week, ask yourself WHY. Too many companies get caught up in the HOW and forget the toddler in all of us asking WHY.

What sounds best?

“QR codes are hot, and we have a prime billboard location. Both are great for how to get more customers to our website. Brilliant. Decision made. Let’s do it!”


“QR codes are hot, and we have a prime billboard location. We want to utilize them together, but why? Will this drive more traffic to our website or into the ditch? Let’s consider a better way to use each.”

This is where strategy really comes into play. Anyone can buy an ad. Only smart marketers can influence decisions. Before you pass go, ask yourself these three questions:


Does this fit my brand?

Reputation. Taylor Swift wrote an entire album about it. It takes an incredibly long time to build a good reputation, and only minutes to destroy it. When it comes to advertising, your brand and its reputation is the most critical piece of the puzzle. Always make sure anything you do aligns with your core values and message.


Will this reach my desired audience?

You need to go where your audience is. Too many businesses abide by “more is more” and participate in every opportunity thrown at them because of the reach, or they see other businesses in the area participating. This is an easy way to get lost in the fold and miss your target audience. Instead, focus on your audience first, then determine the best medium.


What is my actual objective?

Are you focusing on brand awareness or do you have a specific call-to-action? This will help determine your messaging and placement.

If you take those few minutes before execution to evaluate, you’ll find your perfect fit. Need help? We’ll get you the best fit.

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