Flint’s favorite Super Bowl LV advertisements


Drake from State Farm, Cardi B., Flat Matthew McConaughey, throwbacks, heartstring-tugging… Super Bowl LV ads had it all. Join our creative team on the emotional rollercoaster of commercials. Ad time? EXCELLENT! (Please tell us you saw that one… )



Flint Group designer Laurel Voels’ favorite spot came from Indeed.

“I felt like I was in their shoes,” Laurel says.

For Laurel, this ad did a great job of showcasing real people and incorporating emotion. She also notes that she appreciates the song choice, and the lyrics to “Rise Up” always make her happy.



The Doritos 3D commercial stole the show for videographer Aaron Simmons.

“The celebrity mentions weren’t in your face,” Aaron notes.

The ad was his favorite because he felt it accurately conveyed the message of the new 3D brand.

Honorable mention from Aaron is the Indeed spot. He had goosebumps the whole commercial.



Creative director Jason Lotzer gives his No. 1 spot to Toyota.

The integration of life being in one spot and incorporating the water impressed Jason.

“The storytelling is great, especially how the adoption phone call tells the whole story throughout the advertisement,” he says.

The passion and perseverance of Paralympian Jessica Long was a powerful reminder of the good in the world following the unknowns of 2020.



Bud Light Lemonade captured Flint’s senior copywriter Cole Thompson.

“This was the most classic Super Bowl commercial,” Cole says.

It was a simple idea that’s not simple at all, and it was executed well from the scenes to the characters to using real lemons. Cole appreciates its timeliness.

“It genuinely made me laugh and it was much needed after going through 2020.”




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