How are Flintsters #SparkingGood?

Posted April 9th, 2020
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Need a boost? Some inspiration? An action you can take to “do good” right now? We asked Flintsters to share how they’re #SparkingGood during the coronavirus pandemic. Read on for ideas you can use to spark good in your community today! Be sure to use the hashtag #SparkingGood—we’ll share your social media posts.

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Shop local

  • Ordering takeout
  • Online shopping at local boutiques
  • Stocking up on beer from local breweries


Give back

  • Donating to nonprofits
  • Donating homemade masks
  • Decorating windows for #AWorldOfHearts


Spread positivity

  • Dropping off meal kits to a friend or family member to brighten their day
  • Hosting online yoga and hula-hoop classes for friends
  • Netflix party: Watch a favorite film with others
  • Attending virtual tea parties, complete with fancy hats
  • Practicing empathy by assuming the best in others
  • Being kind to ourselves—stress and anxiety are completely valid
  • Getting to know kids better by spending extra time at home
  • Reaching out to coworkers just to say hello and stay connected
  • Playing music live online
  • Hiking
  • Completing coloring pages with the family


Practice safety first

  • Staying home and only leaving for essentials
  • Sewing masks from recycled fabrics


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