How Fargo Country Club used member testimonials to highlight its amenities


I’m no golfer, but I’ve gone to a few beautiful wedding receptions at the Fargo Country Club, and I was super excited when club management asked Flint Group to help create a series of videos.

The club’s goal was to highlight the many benefits its members enjoy, from its newly remodeled and nationally recognized USGA Championship golf course to its state-of-the-art club fittings, gourmet dining and family-friendly atmosphere.

The plan

We put our creative and video gurus to work, asking them to develop a strategy to highlight the Fargo Country Club’s many offerings. They came back with the question, “Who better to tell prospects about the benefits of being a club member than the members themselves?”


We then came up with a series of videos that offer a first-person perspective of members’ experiences at the Fargo Country Club. Capturing the club’s warm, inviting atmosphere, each video ends with a member encouraging the viewer to take a tour of the club. Fargo Country Club shared the videos on its YouTube page and its Facebook page.

The videos

One of the videos features Fargo Country Club member Jim Alexander, CEO/executive vice president of Nodak Mutual Insurance Company. Alexander highlights the membership benefits for business professionals and shares how he utilizes the relaxed atmosphere for board of directors meetings, agent conferences and employee functions.

The next video features two Fargo Country Club members, along with the club’s golf pro, PGA Professional Mark Johnson, who talks about how the club’s renovations and personalized golf experiences create an ideal atmosphere for golfers of all ages and abilities.

The third video highlights the Fargo Country Club as a safe, welcoming and family-friendly facility. Describing it as a “family retreat,” a long-time member explains how her family has enjoyed the club’s amenities over the years.

Well, what do you think – are you convinced?

Like I said, I don’t golf (unless you call driving the cart and enjoying chilled beverages “golf”); but, I’m thinking those gourmet nachos and shrimp cocktails look pretty darn good. Who says you have to golf to be a member of a country club, anyway?

Ericka Olin

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