How smart marketing helped specialty contractor Jamar celebrate its centennial


A 100-year birthday – It’s kind of a big deal, don’t you think?

We do too, and that’s why our Duluth office went all out to help the Jamar Company celebrate its centennial.

With a century of hard-earned experience under its belt, specialty contractor Jamar asked us for help in strategically celebrating its 100-year anniversary. The Duluth-based company wanted to enhance employee pride and generate community awareness and recognition of its strong history and bright future.

We approached this challenge by developing a series of inspirational “We Are Jamar” lines – slogans that not only illustrate Jamar’s character, but also serve as a rallying cry and source of pride for employees.


To highlight the campaign, we created a “We Are Jamar” video for the company’s internal centennial celebration.

The video was just one part of the 100-year anniversary campaign, which included everything from a logo, billboards and print ads to centennial celebration invitations, public relations and event planning.


Jamar billboard

Jamar ad 1

Jamar ad 2

Jamar ad 3

Jamar 100 year anniversary invite

Responsive design

We also wrote and designed a new Jamar site that is responsive.

Jamar website

Jamar website responsive design

Similar to the one we designed for RDO Equipment, it functions equally well on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

At Flint Group, we’re proud to have helped such an influential company in our community celebrate its 100-year anniversary. More importantly, we look forward to watching Jamar’s future growth and helping promote its positive impact on our community.

Ericka Olin

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