3 secrets to become a high-performing marketer from AgCatalyst 2016


This post is the first in a three-part series exploring top takeaways from AgCatalyst 2016, a marketing and communications conference focused on the agriculture and food industries. Read post two on the importance of making your customers feel good and post three on how food purchase decisions of millennial moms do not align with science. 

In today’s customer-centric digital marketplace, how can businesses remain relevant and even thrive?

This question was answered by Matt Sweezey last week at AgCatalyst. Sweezey, principal of marketing insights at, shared insights that stem from understanding what it takes to be a high-performer.

“Low-performers use the same tactics as high-performers, yet high-performers see two to three times the value for every dollar spent,” says Sweezey.

graph showing majority of high-performing budgets go toward digital marketing

So what makes a high-performer? Here are Sweezy’s three secrets:

1. High-performers engage with their customers differently.

High-performers understand the modern human desire for media, explained Sweezey. They track their influence by creating content that is not only quantitatively measurable but also qualitatively relevant. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”– @msweezey”]Human-centered content meets a human need to be fulfilled.[/inlinetweet]


2. The modern building process of agile production is at the heart of content creation.

According to Sweezey, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”– @msweezey”]agile production is a better, smarter way to create content.[/inlinetweet]

agile is the modern production method

52% of high-performers produce content using agile methods, allowing them to gain instant access to dynamic feedback. Agile methods require interaction and feedback from customers. Sweezey says soliciting direct customer feedback is often overlooked during the content creation process.

3. High-performers look at content distribution differently.

With organic reach at 2 to 4% at best, relying on social media to just “get” to your customers is outdated and ineffective. Sweezey says high-performers use email to reach their demographic and enhance their social programs, as opposed to using social media to get their email. This shift can considerably increase content engagement.

When a social ad and email are both sent to the same person, the net effect is a 22% increase in engagement over either by themselves

Want to learn more about becoming a high-performing company? Let’s chat.

Don’t forget to check out post two in this series. It’s all about the importance of making your customers feel good and other insights from marketing mogul Jay Baer. 

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