Instagram’s impact on your business: 3 things to know

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Remember the good old days of the Valencia filter and food pics on Instagram? Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has rapidly grown into one of the most-used social media platforms. In that time, it’s also become a valuable business tool.

As we enter a new year, here are a few things to know about Instagram if your brand is new to the platform or you haven’t used it regularly.


Expect to see more influencers

If your brand hasn’t used an influencer, now is the time.

Since the start of the pandemic, brands have created a greater online presence. The impact of social media continues to grow, and so does the weight and reach of influencers.

It’s important for your brand to identify influencers your target audience connects most with – authenticity is key. Users are more eager to act on something if it comes from someone they trust. Did you know that Instagram is the network of choice for influencer marketing campaigns? 68% of brands consider it the most important platform for them.


Videos, videos and more videos

If you’ve recently logged onto Instagram, you’ve most likely seen a video within your first few minutes of scrolling. Why? The simple answer is because Instagram favors videos. Because of this, 80% of marketers are using video as part of their social media strategy. And guess what? It’s working! One way to use videos to promote your brand on Instagram is through Reels. The top video on many “explore” feeds is currently almost always Reels content, which is displayed much larger than the rest of the posts on the page.


Instagram is a shopping platform

An Instagram update added a shopping feature in the menu for users to connect with businesses all over the world. Users are able to shop based on what is recommended, determined by who they follow and what they interact with.

If you have a product or service to sell, this visual shopping experience can help your brand gain more traction. After all, people like visuals, and this is the place to show off your products in action.


If you know your brand could benefit from Instagram, but you don’t know where to start, we can help! Reach out to us.

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