Mastering TikTok: How your brand could benefit from TikTok


You know that TikTok sound, right? Or did you see that crazy trend going around? With its rapidly growing user base and unparalleled engagement rates, opportunity abounds for brands to connect with audiences in new and exciting ways. Let’s dive into the benefits of harnessing TikTok for your brand.

Reach and engagement 

TikTok boasts over a billion active users worldwide, is available in 158 countries and translated to 57 languages. Its algorithm-driven feed ensures that content has the potential to reach a vast audience, making it invaluable for brands looking to expand their reach or find a new audience. Additionally, the platform’s short-form video content encourages elevated levels of engagement, with users spending at least an hour and a half a day scrolling through an endless stream of captivating videos. The largest proportion of U.S. TikTok users are ages 10 to 19 years old (20%) with over 45% percent of all users are under the age of 30. If this age demographic is your ideal audience, TikTok is the perfect platform to grow on. By tapping into TikTok’s massive user base, brands can foster genuine connections with their target audience and drive meaningful engagement. 

The power of influencers 

You’ve probably heard of influencers, but what can they really do for your business? Influencer marketing involves brands collaborating with people who have a specific type of audience on social media. These individuals have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of their followers. They may have a smaller, niche audience (nano influencer), or they could be a household name (mega influencer). By partnering with influencers, your brand could reach a wider or new audience and build trust with your target market.  

There are several different types of influencers ranging from those with over 1 million+ followers, known as mega influencers, macro and micro influencers, and lastly those with less than 1,000 followers known as nano influencers. Depending on which influencer best fits your budget and brand, their rates for a single post could range from a trade of some sort to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Influencers can be a key to reaching Gen Z due to trends like the “Alix Earle Effect.” Popular influencer Alix Earle did an ad for BILT and Rare Beauty, that led to a sell out of their products. Another example are influencers reviewing your product or services. Keith Lee, a popular food critic, has completely changed restauranters’ lives with his reviews encouraging his followers to try out restaurants all over the country.  

You don’t have to have an influencer read a script or be direct about promoting your brand or product. Bloom Nutrition shows that influencers don’t need to necessarily speak about the product; the product just needs to be seen in a post or a video of a prominent influencer. For example, Makenzie Rencher is a well-known influencer focused on mom life, fashion and interior design. In this video for Bloom, she doesn’t even mention the product but is seen drinking and enjoying the product. Bloom has taken this influencer placement approach with several other big-name influencers including Alix Earle, Spencer Barbosa and Mackenzie Galloway. 

With U.S. influencers seeing an average engagement rate of 18%, it’s the perfect time to test TikTok influencer marketing to boost brand visibility and sales!

Authenticity and creativity 

TikTok’s appeal lies in its authenticity and creativity. Unlike traditional marketing channels, TikTok thrives on raw, unfiltered content that resonates with users on a personal level. Brands have the opportunity to highlight their authentic voice and personality, forging deeper connections with consumers. Witty responses to followers or commenting on viral videos is one way to bring character to your brand. TikTok is an app that embraces the weird and fun, with 60% of users saying they want funny content. Both Cava and Duolingo are notable examples of brands that use humor and relatable content to reach their audiences. 

TikTok users also enjoy seeing creative and relaxing content. Some examples of this content are ASMR unboxing videos, time-lapse videos, and behind the scenes or tips/tricks. Whether it be a mass-packing video from a creator who sells products, creating artwork or even opening your business in the morning, this content gives followers the inside scoop in a format that resonates with them.  

Entertaining community management, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and trends allow brands to flex their creative muscles and stand out in a crowded digital landscape. 

Trendsetting potential 

TikTok is a trendsetting powerhouse, with viral challenges and memes shaping popular culture. For brands, it’s an opportunity to ride the wave of trending topics and position themselves at the forefront of cultural conversations.  


By staying attuned to the latest trends and leveraging them creatively in their content, brands can capture the attention of their audience and propel their brand into the spotlight. Brands can also start their own trend. Encouraging tagging and hashtags are a smart way to ensure that your brand remains relevant and influential on TikTok. 

Measurable results and ROI 

One of the most compelling aspects of TikTok for brands is its robust analytics and tracking capabilities. Through TikTok’s intuitive analytics dashboard, brands gain valuable insights into their audience demographics, engagement metrics and content performance. This data-driven approach allows brands to fine-tune their content strategy. 


TikTok’s analytics can help provide the evidence you need to prove back up your ROI. 

TikTok is a game-changer for brands seeking to elevate their social media presence and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. As a marketing agency, we understand the immense potential that TikTok holds for brands of all sizes. Whether you are looking to launch a campaign, build brand awareness or drive conversions, our team is here to help you unlock the full power of TikTok 

Katherine Fearing

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