Mobile matters in healthcare recruitment. Learn how it’s working for Essentia Health.


Remember the last time you went through the job search process? Stressful, right? Now imagine looking into a position at an organization that makes it easy to find the information you want.

Essentia Health logoThat’s Essentia Health’s recruitment approach. In turn, its mission is to find the best physicians and practitioners to care for patients at Essentia Health’s more than 75 hospitals and clinics throughout the Midwest.

The recruitment staff is always looking for the most effective ways to reach potential employees. Knowing its audience is busy professionals connected and on the go, Essentia Health asked Flint Group to design a mobile-friendly version of its recruitment website.

Going mobile

Our team of designers and digital magicians created a site where potential employees can view physician and credentialed practitioner job opportunities, as well as meet and contact recruiters.

Our first step was choosing the content people want most from a mobile device.EssentiaHealth-MockEssentiaHealth-Mock1

Rather than creating numerous pages, we built expandable/collapsible menu items so users can view specific sections without navigating away from the screen they’re on.EssentiaHealth-Mock2

For example, to view physician opportunities, users can select a specialty from a dropdown menu and view locations with open positions.EssentiaHealth-Mock3EssentiaHealth-Mock4EssentiaHealth-Mock5

Prospective employees can then select a location to view practice specifics, call or email a recruiter, and even share the open position through email or social platforms. The expanding interface makes it easy to view practice specifics at another location without navigating away from the current location.EssentiaHealth-Mock6


The site went live in April, and so far the recruiters love its mobile-friendly interface and easy-to-use navigation.

Best of all, potential employees visiting Essentia Health’s career page on their smartphones leave with a positive first impression of the health system – and, hopefully, a bit less stress.

Ericka Olin

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