Our 6 most-read blogs of 2019

Posted January 2nd, 2020
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Feeling behind on marketing trends? We’ve got you covered. Check out our six most popular blogs from 2019.


  1. A Year in Boxes – The Making of Spee-Dee Delivery Service’s Calendar

Telling brand stories through design is powerful. Check out how our creative team brought Spee-Dee Delivery Service’s Package Pete character to life by animating him in 3D.


  1. How to measure public relations

The age-old question: How do you measure public relations? Communications professionals have struggled with this for decades – but we’ve got some insider tips to help with the process.


  1. A 5-step approach to building a compelling employment brand

Let’s face it: job markets are tight right now and only getting tighter. Competition is fierce when it comes to finding and retaining the employees who will keep your company moving forward. Learn how to develop a strong employment branding strategy for your organization.


  1. How to build the perfect marketing martini

It’s no secret that martinis are a big part of Flint Group’s history. We thought, why not perfect our own recipe, but with a marketing twist? Check out our guide for a flawless marketing plan, or “martini.”


  1. Business Leaders: It’s time to not only acknowledge the arts, but fully support them.

Savvy leaders understand why actively supporting the arts is a smart business move. Jodi Duncan is here to share a secret: investing in the arts directly affects the bottom line. Click to read more and learn about the impact The Arts Partnership has on the Fargo community.


  1. Unlocking the full potential of your LinkedIn page

Are you using LinkedIn to your advantage? Learn our tips for optimizing your profile and maximizing your opportunities on the platform.


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