Pedigree Technologies’ new website simplifies complex messages


Technology is great. And can be confusing.

In most industries, technology advances have improved production and efficiencies. For instance, tracking implements’ usage allows farmers and ranchers to keep equipment in peak condition and minimize downtime. Or, fuel delivery companies with real-time inventory views can better manage supplies, demands and delivery schedules.

The key: technologies that are understandable, not overwhelming or confusing.

Pedigree Technologies provides tracking and management of equipment and other assets in one easy-to-use Web view. They market software as a service that allows users to track and monitor just about anything with real-time data and reporting anytime, anywhere. Customers can set up alerts via email, text or in-cab messaging when action is needed, whether it’s service, repair, replacement or replenishment.

The company needed to make its complex messages and products more understandable for customers and prospects.

Pedigree Technologies homepage screengrab

Flint Communications and Flint Interactive provided strategy, architecture, copywriting, design and development for Pedigree Technologies’ new website, which went ‘live’ in August.

Balancing complexity, simplicity

From the start, we worked to achieve balance. Pedigree Technologies serves a wide variety of industries, from agriculture and construction to oil fields, telecommunications and utilities. Yet, their solutions connect and automate people in a user-focused manner.

We wanted the users’ experiences on the website to reflect professionalism yet simplicity—so they would understand that’s how Pedigree Technologies’ software and services are to use, too.

We wanted people to easily move throughout the website to get information specific to their needs, so we built navigation based on applications as well as industries.

We also built in links to other pages within the site, because all technologies are so intertwined. We used iconic images to guide users. For instance, a photo of a combine in action subtly encourages farmers to click through to that section.

The site includes actual software descriptions, positioned as solutions for specific industries. Also on the site are case studies, quotes from customers and a “request a demo” button on each page, along with prominent contact information.

Social media hub

The site is also home to the Pedigree Technologies blog. The company uses its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote relevant blog posts, new products, software updates and other news, driving people to the new website for more information.

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