The social media summary: Ad policies, GIFs and new features


New Pinterest visual discovery tool

Have you ever seen something in real life and desperately wanted to know what it is, who made it or where to purchase it? Instead of Googling “white bucket chair with wood legs and 4 black wire thingies connecting legs” or “weird lumpy squash you bake,” Pinterest is releasing Lens (currently in beta) to fix these first world problems.

With Lens, users simply point their cameras at an object like a pair of shoes, then tap to see similar items. Pinterest will also curate styling ideas to go with the shoes you’re photographing.

Looking for dinner ideas? Point your camera at some chicken or broccoli and Pinterest will fetch a few recipes for you.

Wondering what furniture will go with your new table? Pinterest will show you what others have placed with it or even suggest furniture from the same era or style.

Welcome to the future, everyone.

Facebook ads: New policies and now… GIFS!

Facebook announced last week that it has updated its advertising policy to tackle concerns around discriminatory advertising – particularly for ads concerning housing, employment or credit opportunities.

Facebook is also testing new technology that utilizes machine learning to help identify ads that fall within these categories to help eliminate any discriminatory practices.

Check out the Facebook news center for more info on its new ad policy.


In other Facebook news… GIFs! The platform made a few changes to its Ad Manager – most notably the ability to incorporate animated GIFs in video ads. Other updates include: Tweaks to campaign objectives, date comparisons and column hiding.

Live-streaming now on YouTube app

While live-streaming functionality has been available on YouTube’s site since 2011, YouTube recently released live streaming capabilities to mobile users via its app. Unfortunately, right now only Creators (or those with 10,000 or more followers) have access to the function, but YouTube promises a wider roll-out “soon.”

The good news is that live-streaming functionality is baked into the app platform – so no need for a separate download.

Read more on the YouTube Blog.


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