My summer as a Flint Group agency intern


Before our summer intern heads back to full-time academic studies, we asked her to recap her experiences with us. We send a Flintster high-five to Maria for rocking us with her curiosity, quick learning, and ability to embrace change and bring in fresh ideas. Interested in becoming a Flint Group intern? Keep an eye on our blog for opportunities!

… And just like that, the summer is coming to an end. I’ve had such a rewarding experience this summer while interning with Flint Group.

I learned more about marketing and social media throughout this summer at Flint Group than I have in my entire two years at college. The hands-on, real world application that internships provide is unmatched by lectures or textbooks. Flint Group allowed me to be on the front lines, working on client social platforms and becoming part of the team.

So you may be wondering: what exactly did I work on? A better question may be: what did I not work on? My main responsibilities were to implement social media posts and ads for a wide variety of clients. This particular work helped me a great deal, as I learned the ins and outs of Facebook Business Manager. This tool is crucial in the world of social media marketing, and there’s a pretty steep learning curve! It’s not the easiest tool to navigate, and I’m so glad that I now understand how to utilize it before even graduating from college.

Through this internship, I also did a lot of the content creation for Flint Group’s own social media. I was able to write blog posts as well as post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While I’ve done social media marketing work before, I had never managed the social media for an entire organization. I’m extremely grateful for this particular experience, because when you’re in the world of social media marketing, it’s beneficial to get your feet wet with a variety of different types of brands and content! I’m confident that my experience with creating agency content will be beneficial for me in the future.

Overall, this internship has been my best work experience ever. Social media and marketing are my main interests, and this internship has allowed me to expand my knowledge in this realm. I can’t thank Flint Group enough for such a productive and valuable summer!

Maria Slette

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