SunButter + Pinterest = a perfect match


pinterest-logoPinterest is a new social media site where users can “pin” inspiring ideas related to fashion, food, home, DIY, humor—basically anything—from across the web. Pins are categorized by boards. And then there’s the whole social part of it—your friends are there too, and you can comment on, like and repin one another’s selections. For someone in love with all things creative and domestic, Pinterest is my new favorite.

And I’m not the only one. I’ve heard many admit that Pinterest should come labeled with a warning: highly addictive. Many have said the site even steals from their Facebook time. Now that’s powerful!

Some marketers are already dubbing Pinterest as “next year’s Google+ or Twitter.” So, what kinds of brands can benefit from Pinterest? And how?

Meet SunButter

SunButter is a great tasting alternative to peanut butter made from specially roasted sunflower seeds. It’s also very healthy, tastes delicious and is manufactured in a completely peanut-free facility right here in the Red River Valley.



Team members from across the Flint Group manage SunButter’s social media presence. As personal Pinterest addicts and serious SunButter fans, when the idea of Pinterest was brought up for SunButter, we jumped at the chance. Pinterest’s visual focus was a perfect match for SunButter’s drool-worthy, peanut-free recipes. And, perhaps most importantly, our friends were already there! Moms, the peanut allergy community, paleo dieters, health nuts, foodies—they were already hanging out on Pinterest.

We proceeded to create an account as “SunButter Elizabeth” – openly disclosing the brand, while maintaining our blogger Elizabeth persona (who, in fact, really is a Flint copywriter and social media maven, Elizabeth Hansen). Elizabeth’s naturally warm personality and relatable mom approach helps to humanize the SunButter brand across social media, including Pinterest.


SunButter Elizabeth’s Pinterest adventure has only just begun, but we already have boards centered around the themes of: crafts, inspiration, breakfast, lunch, savory, sweet treats, snacks, smoothies, cookies and “no peanuts, please!”

We’re excited to see how Pinterest aids in SunButter’s continual community building and growth on social media!

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