Top 7 Insights from FargoConnect


Thanks to everyone who joined us at FargoConnect! Here are the top seven insights from the event, plus some attendees’ reactions on social media:

1. Employees are your marketers.

Consider the case of Joshie the Giraffe, a young boy’s beloved stuffed animal left in a Ritz Carlton hotel in Florida and, through true customer service, was returned to his family in Arizona.

The point? Customer service achieves marketing goals.

2. Passion + knowledge = profits

Several speakers urged attendees to hire employees who have the heart and commitment to take care of customers.

3. Reacting is not marketing.

For instance, don’t “start a Snapchat” just because “everyone” is on Snapchat. Consider the strategy and formulate a plan. If Snapchat fits, then join. But not until then.

4. Hug your haters.

Haters are not your problem; ignoring them is. To get fewer complaints you first must get more complaints. It’s a two-step process to improve. Answers increase advocacy.

5. Respond on B.E.E.T.


6. Tell your brand story the Cirque du Soleil way:

Show, don’t tell; Deliver WOW moments.

7. Marketing guidance that works even in the crowded Las Vegas market:

Humanize your product.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for FargoConnect! Also look for a photo album on our Facebook page next week!

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