What is Cluep?


There’s no doubt about it: Marketing is very different from what it used to be. There’s a lot of analyzing and thought that goes into a single social media post. However, with the rise of Cluep, target marketing has reached a whole new level of accuracy.

According to their website, Cluep is a Toronto-based company that helps brands target consumers based on “what they are sharing, how they are feeling, and where they have been.” Although the brand was founded back in 2012, it experienced a growth of seven times its original size in 2015 alone and is making its way into the marketing mainstream. It now assists 120 brands including major names such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Walmart and H&M, just to name a few.

Cluep targets consumers based on three different factors: the conversations they’re having, the photos they post and the places they’ve been. They target conversations by noting what consumers mention in their posts. For example, let’s say you tweeted, “I love campfires at the lake! #summertime.” You could then be targeted for a s’mores supplies advertisement from Hershey’s, just because you mentioned campfires.

When Cluep targets consumers by the images they post, they analyze the images and serve advertisements accordingly. For example, let’s say you posted an image of your Burger King cheeseburger. You could then be served an advertisement for McDonald’s cheeseburgers in rebuttal. Lastly, when Cluep targets by location, they use mobile devices to track consumers, which indicates which retail stores they’re near. For example, you may be approaching a Starbucks while walking, and then get served with an enticing Starbucks advertisement on your Instagram.

Now, you may be wondering: Am I targeted with this type of advertising? If your social accounts are private, then no, you’re not. However, if your social accounts are public, you sure are. Social media users agree to this type of advertising when they agree to the terms of service on any given social platform, unless they opt out.

You may also be wondering: What could this mean for my brand? If Cluep works the way they say they do, their services could be absolutely pivotal for a brand. The ability to target consumers based on what they say, the pictures they post and where they’re located could be highly useful. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of target marketing! Instead of marketing to people simply based on their age, gender and where they live, brands can target consumers based on what they’re truly interested in. Amazing! However, there is one little catch.

We contacted Cluep ourselves to learn more about their minimums, and found that it lies around $25,000. This explains why all of their clients are huge corporations and brands! However, we’re hoping that this type of technology will become a mainstream marketing trend in the future, making it more accessible and practical for smaller businesses.

There’s no doubt about it: Cluep has created a highly specialized level of target marketing. Consumers’ tendencies and preferences are able to be tracked like never before through text and photo analysis. If you’re interested in learning more about Cluep and all it has to offer, visit their contact page or contact us.

Maria Slette

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