What is Gen Z really searching for?


Finding their home in the workplace

Times are changing and work-life is shifting. Gen Z, those born between 1996 and the early 2000s, are the newest generation to enter the workplace and shake things up. Gen Z’s career finding started right in the middle of COVID-19, leaving less options for preferred job searching. This emerging generation has higher expectations for the workplace than ever before. They prioritize flexible working arrangements, shared values, higher pay and increased support for mental health. Gen Zers not only know what they want, they are more likely to seek out new opportunities to get it. What is it that this generation is looking for in a job place and how do we keep them there?

The need for flexibility

One thing Gen Z isn’t afraid of is setting new norms when entering their career field. Finding the perfect work-life balance is a major factor. However, what exactly is the ideal work-life balance in their eyes? This can range anywhere from mental health days, finishing their day when their tasks are completed, or the ability to have an effective hybrid work schedule. When looking at statistics, 75 percent of Gen Zers ranked workplace flexibility as the top employee benefit when searching for a new job.

When trying to attract or retain Gen Z employees, ensure that your business is offering some form of flexible workplace benefits. Some examples of this would be therapy breaks, casual dress code and paid time off for volunteering.  Here at Flint Group, we offer 24 hours of paid volunteer time to encourage our employees to take time to help their favorite organizations. This allows us to give back time to our employees and for them to give back to their community.

Looking to retain Gen Z employees that you already have? Be sure to understand their hybrid schedule based on their life needs. A recent report from ADP Research Institute titled “People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View,” surveyed over 32,000 workers worldwide and found 71 percent of 18 to 24 year olds said that, “If my employer insisted on me returning to my workplace full-time, I would consider looking for another job.” This number is higher than older colleagues who were surveyed.

Craving the perfect culture

Another aspect that stands out to Gen Z more than ever is culture. They are searching for a job that is meaningful and makes an impact on not only their careers, but on the world. According to the Lever report, 42 percent of Gen Zers would prefer to be at a company that gives them a sense of purpose than one that pays more. They are also more likely than the average American to want to work for a company that is speaking up for or addressing social justice issues.

When it comes to culture, your current employees are your best asset. Brand ambassadors shouting your company’s values and branding from the rooftops – or at least across social media – ensures that both you and the potential employee are a good fit for each other.

Businesses that want to attract and retain Gen-Z should support what inspires them. Whether it’s global environmental issues or making a difference on the local level, your commitment to corporate social responsibility helps them find purpose in their work.

Trending technology

Gen Z is one of the first generations to not know what life is like without the Internet, smartphones, or Wi-Fi. They have grown up with technology and understand the importance of quick tech adoption to stay ahead of the curve. Over 90 percent of Gen Z say a “company’s technological sophistication” would influence their decision to work there.

Showing off your business’ sophisticated technology can begin from onboarding and carry over into the daily work-life experience.

Gen Z may also offer a leap forward for your business as they are up-to-date with current trends and create an opportunity for growth. Here at Flint, we trust that our younger Gen Z employees can create and successfully implement TikTok videos to keep up with the ever-changing trends on social media. Trusting Gen Z employees to be the face of your business on social media platforms helps to build the confidence and respect that they are searching for in a workplace.

Because Gen Z is so well-versed in technology, they are more concerned with privacy and security. Their main concern is their company accessing personal data on personal devices they use for their work. One way to combat this is to reassure your employees that their personal information is safe and that there is proper security installed on devices while in the office.

Finding the right fit

No matter what generation your business is addressing, meeting current and future staff members’ needs, wants and expectations are good for them and good for business. When values, purpose and skills align, businesses thrive, employees learn and grow, and customers are well served.

Interested in working for a company that values your unique perspective and offers the flexibility you crave? Check out our open positions!


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