What will fill your magical 16 seconds?


My favorite moment of Thursday’s celebration is the magical 16 seconds when we consider what we are truly thankful for. Some families do this out loud (go around the table); some write it on slips of paper; others in whispered blessings or silent gratitude.

Flintsters took 16 seconds to share what they are most thankful for. Their answers are worth sharing.

Families + friends
Just as the turkey is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving feasts, our families and friends are the comforting core of our list (not all are turkeys; pets are included), along with health, faith and precious time together, including these mentions:
– A houseful of hungry relatives on Thursday, followed by a relaxing day to myself on Friday
– Great family, friends, and warm weather with sunshine
– My new daughter being healthy and for a job that I can look forward to returning to shortly
– Wonderful family, great friends and good health (and stuffing, of course)
– My sweet little baby
– Three healthy kids
– Spending times with family and friends who I haven’t seen for a while
– Family, friends, freedom and good health
– Wonderful weather for travel as all of our four married children and their families will be at our home for a Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration in one day
– Health, family and working for a great company
– Love I unconditionally receive from powerful God, my beautiful fiancée, caring family and faithful friends
– God, my health, family, colleagues and clients and my wonderful boyfriend
– Sunshine and Sweetie, who remind me what life is all about each and every day
– Safe, healthy children
– My entire family home for Thanksgiving, including my dad home from Brazil and my brother home from the East coast
– My blessings, this beautiful life, my loving family and amazing friends
– Family, friends & coworkers, everything else is frosting!
– Puppies
– Cats
– And my dog

“My family, at home and at work.”
Several people mentioned they are grateful for our Flint family, including:
– My new job at Flint! I started in March and it was such a great move
– Decades of creative, dedicated Flintsters who put people first
– Fun co-workers who brighten my days
– Sue Brayton for doing the dishes and cleaning the fridge
– Having a job where I am given creative freedom

Blessings galore
Other things for which our Flintsters are thankful:
– The gift of place
– Opposable thumbs and the Higgs Boson (where would a person be without mass or thumbs?)
– Adrian Peterson
– All the cooking and cleaning that my husband does
– Hugs!
– Unexpected, kind gestures (a colleague made mittens for our little son!)
– Life: the fact that we get so many opportunities and there is so much beauty around us should make everyone thankful

And of course:
Family, friends, food on the table, my dog, my job, a wonderful home, safety, health, things my parents taught me, the homeless guy, my HOPE Inc. kids and families, opportunities to help people through my job, the not so famous people, my Church, transportation, freedom, velcro, my education, teachers, air, nature, football, men and women of the military, Roger and Arlene, Amanda, my mechanic, peanut butter, steak, great attitudes, hard working people, the “E Team” Ebeth and Erika, I can keep going but my fingers are getting tired of typing.

As for me…
At times, I am thankful to just sit back and watch this amazing team.

Don’t take just 16 seconds, and don’t wait until just once a year. Pause, at times, to just sit back and count your blessings. You are on our list. We are grateful for you, this season of thankfulness and all year through.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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