What’s in our toolkit? Part 2: How we monitor brands on social media


Did you hear what was just said about your company? We did. Just as it was “said.”


In this edition of “What’s in our toolkit?”, we share information about the social media monitoring tool we use.


After researching the features and flexibility of several monitoring tools, we opted for Brandwatch.


Since we have a wide variety of clients who require a range of social media listening types, Brandwatch nicely fits the data and powerful analysis we can then use in our overall marketing services.


At its most basic, Brandwatch collects social conversations from different sources. We set the actual mentions it will pull based on custom-written queries. We also set each mention’s sentiment (positive, negative or neutral), author, source and other attributes that will be of value to each specific client.


Brandwatch is especially helpful in presenting real-time mentions, which is beneficial for us in campaign launches, events, crisis communications and other types of monitoring. We also use it to compare client and keyword mentions and analyze trends in relevant social media content.


We can then receive the data in real time (via email) and use the collected data to present reports with easy-to-read graphs, charts and lists. We can export data and use other tools to analyze it. Brandwatch is also good at “cleaning” data, so we don’t see as much irrelevant data such as mentions in spam or duplicate entries.


Ultimately, what we find in Brandwatch allows us to monitor the performance of our social media plans for clients. We can then adjust our own efforts, alert clients to opportunities and continue capitalizing on the true beauty of social media: participating in meaningful conversations.


Curious how Brandwatch can help you? Reach out to us on social media or email us. Either way, we’re listening.

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