What’s in our toolkit? Part 1: Content scheduling tool


We’re picky, and it’s paid off big time.


In this edition of “What’s in our toolkit?”, we share information about the content scheduling tool we chose and our process to select it.


First, we made a list

Our Flint Group social media team has been creating, placing and scheduling content for a wide variety of clients for several years now. We’ve worked with several scheduling tools and with in-platform options, so had definite ideas about what we needed in a content scheduling tool. Our three priorities were:



We needed a tool to fit everything from clients who post on simply one platform (for now) to large dealer groups. We wanted varying levels of access for our own team members as well as clients.



We wanted one place to organize and manage all tactics and assets to implement each client’s social strategy. We also wanted analytics capabilities to fit and enhance our own analysis, insights, reporting and recommendations.



What if we could also help build in new features? We wanted a business partner who would listen to our own ideas about continually optimizing content and ultimately help us achieve clients’ goals.


Then we went shopping

We did our research, asked trusted sources and narrowed our options down to three. Then we participated in trials of all three potential tools. Pretty early on, our choice became clear.


We selected CoSchedule

The content scheduling tool we chose, CoSchedule, gives us one smooth, connected workflow. No more spreadsheets and other documents floating around through various approval and other processes.


CoSchedule fit all our priorities, and a few months in to using it, here are our favorite features:



It’s efficient to create, schedule (and re-schedule), track, repost and measure everything from blog posts to Pinterest pins. All social media content is in one place, easily organized and clear to view for all team members, including clients.


More than ever, timing is everything

This is where CoSchedule really shines. The “best time” option helps us ensure each piece of content is publishing at the absolute best time to reach the goals we’ve set. Plus, the “ReQueue” feature, guided by our insights, allows us to automate reposting to truly maximize the power of content. We’re impressed with the analytics behind these timing features to continually enhance performance of all the content.


Collaboration, smooth approvals

Within each calendar, we can gather input, share ideas and secure approvals to ensure everyone is literally on the same page.


Complementary reporting

The analytics within CoSchedule are a valuable complement to the data and other information we gather, analyze and produce into reports for clients.


New features

We’ve suggested a few new enhancements to the crew at CoSchedule, and guess what? They implemented them! We really appreciate this true collaboration.


Questions about our new content scheduling tool? Reach out to us.

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