Why an agency that isn’t into awards just gave out three.


We’re not really into awards. We’re more interested in people, difference-making work and building relationships for and with clients.

We’re really into impact, ideas and values. So at our recent all-agency retreat, we recognized three Flintsters for exactly those attributes. We plan to recognize more team members with the Impact Award, Ideas Award and Values Award each year now.

Congratulations to our first winners!

Congrats to Libby (Impact), Jon (Ideas) and Susan (Values)!

Congrats to Libby (Impact), Jon (Ideas) and Susan (Values).

To shed light on why we selected these three individuals, we asked the Flintsters who were proud to bestow the awards:

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Impact Award – Recipient: Libby Hall; Presenter: Kimberly Wold Janke

Why does Libby deserve this award? She constantly stays up to date on new trends in the industry (not just social media), and pushes our clients out of their comfort zone with new ways of thinking while always having a plan in place that puts them at ease as they adventure into the world of social media.

Describe her in three words. Smart, charming, trendy

How does she bring value to our team? Libby’s impact is felt not only on her team, but throughout the organization. She consistently brings unexpected and original ideas to our clients to help them achieve their goals. She delivers consistent, strategic work and thinking to every situation.

Examples of her powerful, refreshing impact? BCBSND Blue Insight blog planning and management during a crisis; helping a team win a new business presentation, with our client stating, “I learned more in the 5 minutes she spoke than I’ve learned at all the social media conferences I’ve attended.”

Ideas Award – Recipient: Jon Seykora; Presenter: Jen Strickler

Why does Jon deserve this award? The Innovation award is for someone who has an innate desire to learn new things. Jon is this guy,  always pushing, exploring and growing his skills and abilities, while being adaptable and being able to see the big picture.

Describe him in three words. Inspring. Explorer. [a little bit] weird.

How does he bring value to our team? Our industry changes by the millisecond. NEw technologies, new ideas and new discoveries open up new doors in how we can help our clients. Jon’s on top of the latest design and technology trends. He thinks big and has great ideas for solving problems.

Examples of his powerful, refreshing ideas? Jon’s always looking for new, different ways to present his work, but within the realm of usable and smart. His recent work for clients like Alberta Pulse Growers (and many, many others) is brilliant.

How did it feel to present an award to such an esteemed Flinster? How long has it been since you’ve washed that hand? Jon’s inspiring and fun. He’s hardworking and a big thinker. He’s about ideas and the future. He embodies Flint values through and through and I simply love working with him. If I had my way, I’d clone him. Have I washed the hand that shook that of the award-winning Jon Seykora’s hand yet? Perhaps never.

Values Award – Recipient: Susan Hogen; Presenter: Roger Reierson

Why does Susan deserve of this award? Susan has always had an instinct for doing what is right. At times, she’s acted as the conscience for the agency. She truly is one of the well-respected leaders of our “family.”

Describe her in three words. Loyal, caring, friend

How does she bring value to our team? Susan is willing to take on anything that needs to get done and she gets it done. She has served in many capacities over the years and given 100% to whatever is assigned to her.

Examples of how she truly lives our values? Integrity…she does what she says she will do. Community Service…Susan has served and continues to serve on numerous Fargo-Moorhead area boards. In addition to her board responsibilities, Susan volunteers for many other causes. I would also add that when it comes to energy, Susan has surpassed us all. Over the years, she has made sure that fun is an active ingredient with associates, clients and partners. I have not seen one hint that Susan is slowing down.

Our organization owes a tremendous amount to Susan…she has helped shape our values and our culture.

Read more about Libby’s love for travel and find out more about Susan’s wine-making. Bonus: Photos of Susan in reindeer antlers.

Congrats, fellow team members. You all win the Inspiration Award!

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