Customer Experience

How does your customer feel when they interact with you? The answer can make all the difference. At Flint Group, we’re passionate about getting into the customer’s head. We find out what they want. We hone in on their expectations. We discover what they need. Only after that can we work to fill every interaction with a sense of trust and care.

Customer-centric thinking is the goal. It means putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Done right, this mindset will permeate every aspect of your business. It will inform every decision and become a powerful driver of organizational success.


Leadership buy-in and alignment to customer-centric thinking is vital. We can bring in customer experience audits to develop customer intent statements, personas and critical journeys to map. Get a clear picture of who your customer is, what brought them to you and how you can fulfill their wishes.

Experience Mapping

Journey mapping is what we hang our hats on. It’s a great excuse to break out the whiteboard. Plus, a map allows us to:

  • Create a shared frame of reference around the customer
  • Build organizational knowledge of customer needs across channels
  • Identify specific areas of opportunity to drive ideation and innovation
  • Distribute key customer insights in a usable and easy-to-understand format
  • Further organizational evolution toward customer-centered thinking


Sure, a map looks nice, but what can you do with it? One by one, we can walk you through any service gaps or recommendations for smoothing out any bumps in the road. Need a deep dive on one specific touchpoint? No problem. We can help you tackle improvements at any level and leave department-siloed thinking behind.


Here’s the challenge: Deliver value that is truly unique. At Flint Group, we know that it’s a moving target, but we’re prepared to take the steps to get you to customer-centric thinking and make it a foundational element of your goals moving forward.

Ready to start drafting your customer experience map?