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Urban Plains

The Challenge

Urban Plains is a vibrant community envisioned from a tractor seat. Not that long ago it was farmland in South Fargo, ND. Landowner, the late Ace Brandt sat atop his mower and foresaw something extraordinary.

He envisioned the Urban Plains community as a balance of modern and meadow. An exciting place to do business, live and visit. Brandt Holdings first step in the process was to attract solid retail tenets to buy-in and become part of this neighborhood.


The problem.

It was just a plot of land, with a name, a CAD-drawn map, businesses and apartment buildings. The Brandt team needed to convince businesses owners of Ace’s vision and the potential this area holds.

The problem is they lacked the visuals and words necessary to tell this heart-felt story of hope and dreams, and in doing so, inspiring businesses to be a part of it.

urban plains merch

Urban Plains Pamphlet

The Solution

Flint worked with the Brandt Holdings team to create a dynamic brand for Urban Plains. This included designing a new logo, brand guide, signage, presentation materials, and interactive map and a website.

We knew that if we were going to bring the Urban Plains brand experience to life, we had to get buy-in from the Brandt Holdings staff as well as their extension of business partners. After the logo was completed, Flint Group created a comprehensive brand guideline. We crafted the full brand story, including the strategic brand insight, brand idea, vision and position, values, tone, visuals and most importantly, brand messaging. As Brandt was preparing to unveil this brand to commercial prospects, residents, and the general population, it was critical that the brand came across in a consistent, authentic voice from each person telling the story.

Urban Plains Logo

Brand Manifesto Video

Brans Manifesto Video

Website UI/UX Design & Development

In addition, Flint created a robust, but ever-evolving website that became the digital destination demonstrating how Urban Plains is the perfect balance of urban vibrancy and tranquil plains. This tool has an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that allows for quick, on-demand updates that support their commercial acquisition goals, while keeping residents and community updated on the growth and progress of this initiative. Most recently we added a dynamic interactive map to help website visitors gain an understanding of where this neighborhood is and the businesses and resources available.

Visit Urbanplains.com

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Interactive Map

Urban Plains dynamic interactive map will help website visitors gain an understanding of where this neighborhood is and the business and resources available.

Interactive Map