Letting the Data Lead the Way:
AvMed Individual & Family Health Plan Campaign

Jumping in With Both Feet

AvMed, a leading Florida health insurance carrier, has traditionally acquired most of their new individual and family (IFP) members through agents and brokers. During an overhaul of several core systems and the introduction of a new product to the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM), AvMed ventured into direct-to-customer online enrollment. To help create awareness and promote their new FFM product, AvMed turned to Flint Group.

Getting To Know Jose and Michael

Florida’s population is as diverse as it is vibrant. Creating a successful campaign meant knowing the target persona and understanding what they needed from a health plan.

We leveraged two audience personas dubbed “Jose” and “Michael”. Both valued family and planning for the future, but each approached health coverage from a different lens. Not to mention, messages for Jose were delivered both in English and Spanish.


Each campaign led potential members through three phases:

Finding the Perfect Flavor

Striking colors and fun, inviting imagery unified the creative – everything from online display, video and social media to retargeting ads – and drove users to a dynamic audience-specific landing page driven by UTM parameters that changed the experience based on persona, county, medium and language.


Meeting Our Goals,
and Then Some

Our data-driven approach kept the campaign on track across collaborations with several partners, through every phase, persona, and language. We exceeded the original sales goal of 17,500 enrollments with AvMed realizing over 18,500 enrollments for the new product.

“The level of detail behind this campaign is truly astounding. It stands as a testament to Flint’s ability to leverage data-driven insights and lead a cross-platform team to achieve solid results.”

-Jaime Alfaro
Director, Marketing Communications, AvMed