Reaching a niche audience
through content


Pediatric Home Service, a Minnesota provider of home care for children with medical complexities, wanted to reach a new audience with its home infusion service. Because many of its competitors are large health care systems that self-refer, parents are often given limited infusion options for their children and sometimes do not realize they could get care at home or switch providers.

While this audience could benefit from PHS’s service, privacy restrictions make it difficult to reach them through advertising or direct marketing.


Parents of children with medical complexities face enormous challenges in managing their child’s needs and navigating insurance and medical providers. They are extraordinarily busy, yet continually seek out information to understand their child’s condition and medical needs.

The experience can be isolating, and community with others who are in a similar situation, even if it is a virtual community, is extremely important.


We created a customer-centric strategy that aligns content, tactics and measurement with the buying cycle. We assessed PHS’s owned and social platforms for opportunities to better optimize for organic search and provide clear calls to action to help people take the next step.

Paid digital media with demographic, psychographic and geographic targeting was a key strategy to increase awareness of PHS’s home infusion services.

We also created robust content and worked closely with PHS on blog and other social content that would be useful for our audience. Throughout our marketing, we incorporated A/B testing, measurement, sharing and opportunities for micro-conversions.


The campaign has resulted in increased traffic to the site through organic search, direct traffic and paid media. Organic search rankings have risen for service-related keywords, in many cases to #1.

With a robust marketing and content framework in place, PHS is better positioned for growth in this service area.