Building a Magnetic Employer Brand: A 5-step approach

By Kimberly Wold Janke | Posted April 16th, 2021

If you’re on the recruiting side, you know this all too well: A strong job market has its challenges.

In North Dakota, and communities across the country, businesses are struggling to attract and keep employees with the skills they need. And they’re finding that traditional strategies, such as wages and benefits, are only part of the picture.

Defining what makes your company appealing to employees is critical. In fact, top employer brands have higher retention rates, lower turnover rates and lower cost-per-hire, and they fill positions in less time – benefits that positively impact the bottom line.

Employer branding is the process of finding the intersection between what your employees value and what you uniquely do well. At Flint Group, we use a 5-step process to help clients stand out from the competition.


Flint’s step-by-step approach to employer branding

1. Define the brand.

We start by developing insights into your work environment, including culture, mission and values, the employee experience, key talent drivers, and management practices.

Next, we conduct market research on what employees and candidates value.

Finally, we identify what your company can “own” to become an employer of choice.

2. Develop the employee value proposition.

Simply put, your value proposition represents why employees feel vested in your organization. It encompasses tangible and intangible benefits, the environment, and opportunities you promise employees in exchange for their time, productivity and commitment.

Before launching, we recommend testing to ensure messaging is on target.

3. Create the brand identity.

The employer brand identity is the look, feel and voice of your company as an employer. The employer brand identity should align with your corporate brand.

4. Communicate the message using the right channels.

During this phase, we create and implement a communication plan to share your company’s employer brand throughout the talent lifecycle, from prospective employment to retirement.

5. Measure and adapt.

To ensure ongoing success with your employer brand, we help you identify, monitor and track key performance indicators.


Keep building your brand and check out what your mission has to do with it!