Businesses: It’s Time to Jump on the Flexibility Bandwagon


Have you analyzed your business’ flexibility level lately?

Hopefully 2021 is the year that life will start returning to “normal.” (Whatever that means.) In hopes that we can still make 2021 our year, it’s a great time for your business to shake up its culture and jump on the flexibility bandwagon if you haven’t already.


Why does flexibility matter to my business?

Workplace flexibility is popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it’s not how I would have preferred flexibility to pop into the limelight, I’m glad it’s getting the attention it deserves. Let’s chat about how it can be paramount in the workplace.

According to a Business News Daily article, nearly 40 percent of candidates around the world stated that flexibility was in their top three factors for career decisions. Increased flexibility can bring in new hires, and it can reduce employee turnover by increasing satisfaction.

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As we all know, there are so many parents that are multi-tasking with their jobs, daycares, schools, quarantines, etc. In addition, there are countless others that are struggling with physical and mental health conditions.


Here’s why it’s so important.

When I think about the flexibility I’ve been afforded, I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve been given the choice to decide what I’m comfortable with – and there’s a lot of autonomy and power in that.

This flexibility became increasingly important to me when I found out in November that I had External Cervical Resorption (ECR). This is when your gums start to attack your tooth from the inside out. In other words, it rots your tooth.

Thankfully, it doesn’t otherwise affect your health. Since my case was considered more severe, I was encouraged to get scheduled for surgery right away and Flint let me take off whatever time was needed.  (Shoutout to my teammates, too!)

It was also convenient to be able to work from home after the surgery, so I didn’t feel so self-conscious while I was waiting for the rest of my treatment plan. This flexibility meant the world to me as I was able to have treatment done quickly to prevent further damage and nerve zinging.



Flexibility ideas for businesses:

Hybrid schedules can be an excellent way to provide flexibility to employees. The great news is that businesses can still set limits with how much flexibility to provide. Here are some ideas:

  • Allow employees to work from home when needed.
  • Permit employees to set their own schedule. (Early/late start times, ten hour shifts for four days, etc.)
  • Create the option for employees to relocate or work remotely.
  • Introduce special summer or winter hours. (Shoutout to Flint for the summer hours benefit!)
  • Increase paid vacation and sick time.
  • Get creative with social events. (Check out our blog for more.)

There’s no one answer that will fit all organizations, but that’s the beauty of it. Your business can decide what you want your culture to look like as we emerge out of the pandemic.


Now it’s time to brainstorm!

Good luck and happy brainstorming! If you need some help generating ideas, that’s what we Flintsters do best. We would love to collaborate with you.

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