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There’s never a dull moment or a repetitive day for Jodi Duncan, Vice President of Client Services in our Fargo office. And that’s just the way she likes it.

“I spend a good portion of my day problem-solving with clients and with employees. I love the variety in my job, which includes writing strategy and proposals, visiting with clients, analyzing data and making recommendations, plus working on different internal management and planning projects,” Jodi explains.

The best part? “I have a rock-solid team that I swear has dedicated themselves to trying to make me look good!”

Jodi admits: “I am addicted to work. I love it and I think about it all the time. I have the perfect job for me, since there’s always something going on, always some crazy deadline and lots of excitement.”

Lights, camera, backstage

Away from office, the excitement continues. Jodi and her husband have two very involved teenage daughters. One is active in high school theatre and music; the other is a track and cross-country runner. Away from the theatre, track, cross-country courses and school, the girls and their friends hang out at their preferred venue: Jodi’s home. She says with a smile: “We have teenagers at our house all the time!”

Jodi's daughter, McKenzie, as Tracy Turnblad, center stage in Hairspray.

Jodi's daughter, McKenzie, as Tracy Turnblad, center stage in Hairspray.

“Theatre is a whole new world for me and I love every second of it! Parent involvement and support is critical to the arts and it’s thrilling to watch our daughter and her friends grow as artists and performers,” Jodi says.  “We believe that all kids need to be involved in something. It helps them stay out of trouble and teaches them valuable life lessons. Too many parents leave the participation to others.  They miss out on some incredible experiences with their children.”

Jodi's daughter, Allison (in the Team Ian t-shirt), on the go.

Jodi's daughter, Allison (in the Team Ian t-shirt), on the go.

Speaking of experiences with kids, Jodi does run with their other daughter. Jodi recalls: “The first race I ran with her, after about half a mile, I said ‘you go ahead.’ She finished the race about 15 minutes before I did!”

Jodi and Allison, ready for a race.

Jodi and Allison, ready for a race.

Lace ‘em up (at 5:08 a.m.)

To add focus to her days, Jodi’s personal activity is running. “Running helps me clear my mind,” she says. “I run almost every morning at 5:08 a.m. It keeps me stress-free, and my family and co-workers notice if I skip a run. They’ll say: ‘Apparently you need to go for a run,’ which is a good indication that I’m acting crabby or stressed.”

Leg warmers to running shoes

“I run with one of my friends,” Jodi says. “We actually taught aerobics together for more than 20 years. Then, she talked me into running a half marathon. She loves to race, and I love to train, so we are a pretty good team. For our first half marathon, the weather was horrible, cold and windy, and we suffered through it together and were elated when we finished. It was such a rush. Since then, we’ve run many races. Last year, during a half marathon, we got separated at about 10 miles, met up when we finished and were pretty much non-emotional,” Jodi says with her wry smile.

“It’s easy to get complacent. You need to keep things interesting and push yourself to new levels.” Well put, veep. Well put.

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Additional Questions

What’s your dream job? This

Which job would you not want to have? Working outside in extreme hot or extreme cold.

What was your first job? Cooking hotdogs at my dad’s car auctions

What did it teach you? That I HATE boiled hotdogs

What is one thing you’d be willing to practice for an hour a day? Golf. I’m really bad at it.

What’s the best advice you ever got? Don’t cry at work. My dad went to great lengths to teach me this lesson!

What sound do you love? Kids loud voices in the middle of the night in our family room. I have a great appreciation for knowing where my teenagers are.

What scent do you love? Citrus

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