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COVID-19 lessons in business and life

By flintadmin

Women leaders are in as good a position as ever to shape what our world looks like on the other side of the pandemic and racial… Read More

COVID Comeback: A toolkit to help your company operate safely and responsibly


As businesses have reopened after the coronavirus shutdown, workplaces are looking a little different these days. While many companies are offering a work-from-home option, not everyone… Read More

How to get your business through the coronavirus crisis

By Jodi Duncan

As your business moves through this stressful and uncertain time, determining what to do with your marketing and communications plans can be overwhelming. Certainly, these are… Read More

Start killin’ it at trade shows, conferences and golf tournaments


Nearly every business, institution or nonprofit has the opportunity to “table” during the course of their fiscal year. It can be expensive, time-consuming and ultimately a… Read More

How to earn media coverage with a backward pitch


“Those who tell stories rule society.” – Plato Earned media is a part of your comprehensive paid media plan. This portion of the plan is the… Read More

Should I hire an agency to do my marketing?


This is a question frequently asked by business owners when they have never worked with an agency. It’s a great question, but there isn’t a simple… Read More

How to recruit Generation Z employees


What about Gen Z? By now we’ve all been flooded with messages on millennials and how to cater to the millennial generation, but hot on their… Read More

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. But not for us.


70 years is a long time to be in business, especially in the ad agency world. November 1, 1949, H.E “Wes” Westmoreland founded the H.E. Westmoreland… Read More

4 design tips to drive sales


Everyone is familiar with the infamous yellow starburst. You see it in the Sunday circulars, car dealership flyers and TV infomercials. Are they pretty? Nope. Do… Read More

How Discovery Benefits uses corporate culture to recruit employees


Positive workplace culture attracts talent, drives engagement and, ultimately, impacts the bottom line. Workplace culture can be difficult to define, however. Everything, from the actions of… Read More

Creating a one-stop-shop for Fargo recruiters


Being a hub for innovation, Fargo is continually seen as a mover and shaker in the region. With that, comes a need for new community members… Read More