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COVID-19 lessons in business and life

By flintadmin

Women leaders are in as good a position as ever to shape what our world looks like on the other side of the pandemic and racial… Read More

COVID Comeback: A toolkit to help your company operate safely and responsibly


As businesses have reopened after the coronavirus shutdown, workplaces are looking a little different these days. While many companies are offering a work-from-home option, not everyone… Read More

How to authentically communicate in a crisis


Words matter. The way they’re delivered carries the weight of the message. The real challenge in communicating isn’t finding the right words. We can find the… Read More

Women in Business – Judge me, judge me not

By Jodi Duncan

Leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic “In business, do we – women – somehow judge miscalculations, errors in decision-making, ethical transgressions and the like more harshly when… Read More

How to get your business through the coronavirus crisis

By Jodi Duncan

As your business moves through this stressful and uncertain time, determining what to do with your marketing and communications plans can be overwhelming. Certainly, these are… Read More

#MeToo: What we can do right now about harassment in the workplace


In the workplace, there’s a spectrum of behavior from friendly to flirty to creepy to sexual harassment. I don’t think anyone can clearly define it at… Read More

Part Two: How to retain Generation Z employees


I feel incredibly fortunate to work for a company that places an emphasis on employee happiness. Flint Group has armed employees with tools such as its… Read More

The dynamic duo of affinity and authority


Our audiences receive hundreds of messages every day. This, along with the instant gratification the digital era provides us, has greatly reduced our attentions spans and… Read More

Women in Business – The tribe versus the team


TRIBE: Behind every successful woman is a tribe. A tribe of other women who support her and love her and push her to be her absolute… Read More

Flint Group’s 2019 year-in-review


2019 was a tremendous year for us! From naming a new CEO to celebrating the achievements of several passionate employees, we’re so grateful for a year… Read More

Should I hire an agency to do my marketing?


This is a question frequently asked by business owners when they have never worked with an agency. It’s a great question, but there isn’t a simple… Read More