Company culture: It’s more than a lunch break and where you sit in the office


As a student, I was eager to gain experience through my internships. I learned about the marketing industry, and, more importantly, I realized how crucial company culture is to be satisfied with your job. Some of you are probably thinking that an intern doesn’t “really” need to experience a positive workplace culture, but it says a lot about a company when an intern is welcomed.

How many interns enjoyed everything about their internship so much that they go on to become president of the company?

Flint Group’s president, Jodi Duncan, started out as an intern. Now that says a lot about the culture, doesn’t it?

Let me tell you how my Flinternship has given me standards for a company’s culture.

1. Welcoming

From my interview to the days leading up to my first day of work, each Flintster has made a point to introduce themselves. Before I even knew my start date, I got an email from each person on the team introducing themselves and sharing fun facts about them and why they love working at Flint.

2. Positive

Flint’s value of “be the person you want to work with” is seen throughout the office, work and employees. I never realized how satisfied I’ve been with my role at Flint until last week my mom said, “Do you realize everything you’ve said about your internship and Flint has been good things?” Employees can even nominate other employees for an award when they’re demonstrating Flint’s values.

3. Encouraging

Have a question about a task? Ask! Found a great idea for a client? Share it! Want to go back to school? Do it! At team meetings, everyone shares a professional and personal “win” from the week, which urges employees to recognize their accomplishments. I’ve been encouraged and included, even if it’s just joining in on a virtual happy hour. 😉

4. Understanding

Whether it’s the pandemic, your grandma visiting, or life just happens, you’re supported to go where you are needed most. (Seriously, go!) This company value is lived by employees at all levels. Being an intern, it is nerve-wracking to ask for days off or have a healthy work/life balance, but Flint understands your self-care is essential. Your team is there to help if you’re needed somewhere else.

5. Exciting

Work CAN be fun! I look forward to going to work. There’s never a boring day. Someone is always chatting about a new restaurant, recommending a good pair of sweatpants, or finishing tasks early so the team can have a Friday afternoon of Zoom trivia or happy hour.

Since I started college at NDSU, I heard about how great it was to work at Flint. After working here, I never want to leave. Maybe I’ll be the next Jodi.

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