Delore Zimmerman: Dr., CEO and now African Development Chief


We don’t call him the most interesting man in the world for nothing.

He started as Delore Zimmerman.

In 1986, upon graduation from Penn State University, he became Dr. Delore Zimmerman, PhD.

In 1994, Delore added three more letters to his repertoire: CEO. That’s when he co-formed Praxis Strategy Group, a partner of the Flint Group.

Then he did it again in 2010, co-forming Praxis Africa.

And just last month, Delore added another impressive title to the roster: Nai Awuah Kotoko, development chief.

Delore Zimmerman, development chief

On October 10, 2011, Delore was installed as development chief of the central region in Ghana, Africa, by Nai Kwao Otuo V. This honor means Delore will be responsible for accelerating progress and development throughout the Awutu-Mankessim region.

Delore’s chieftaincy plans

As chief, Delore will plan for and work on behalf of the central region of Ghana to promote economic and community development, including agriculture, manufacturing/processing and commercial activities, education, healthcare and social welfare.

“One of our objectives is to create mutually beneficial relationships between Awutu-Mankessim and North America—identifying market opportunities for North American agricultural products, machinery and equipment in Ghana, and for Ghanaian products in North America,” explains Delore. “Through our in-country representation services, we plan to establish two-way relationships and exchanges beyond agriculture, in education, healthcare and other areas.”

Delore and Tony

What does Nai Awuah Kotoko mean?

Chief Otuo, whom Delore reports to, and other chiefs in the Awutu traditional area chose Delore’s stool name: Nai Awuah Kotoko. Its literal translation is “to bend low and fight,” a technique mastered by the Asante. The overall meaning of his name, however, is “when/where he goes a thousand more will come”—fitting for someone leading the way in international agriculture and economic development.

Model Farm

As part of the chieftaincy, Delore had the opportunity to purchase 100 acres of land in the Awutu-Mankessim region. This land will be used for a model farm, a place to test new agricultural practices and crops. It will serve as a platform for North American companies to explore options in renewable energy, agriculture equipment and sanitation.

“It’ll be an interesting challenge,” says Delore. “There, you can do very little and improve the lives of many. People are living in mud huts near my land. It’s not downtown Grand Forks.”

Flint partner Praxis Strategy Group works with leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators to turn ideas into opportunities and channel energy into action. Read more about Dr., CEO and development chief Delore in his professional bio or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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