Enthusiasm: a key ingredient in advertising and in life


President of HatlingFlint, Bill Hatling lives and breathes enthusiasm. Both professionally and personally, Bill wears many hats, and he does it with gusto.

Bill Hatling, HatlingFlint

In our St. Cloud office, Bill is a certified brand strategist, but he does everything from managing accounts to finding new business to washing the dishes (it is a small office, after all!). Outside of work, Bill’s zest for life continues. Two nights a week, he teaches upperclassmen at St. Could State University about the ins and outs of advertising and integrated brand promotion. He’s also an avid windsurfer, enjoying the thrill of cruising across the lake at 40 miles per hour. But, if Bill had to choose his biggest passion of all, it would be music, hands down.

The Receders' drummer, Bill Hatling

Since age eight, music has played a significant role in Bill’s life. Like many kids, he started with piano lessons, but eventually turned his focus to drums. During high school and college, Bill played in several jazz bands and, while at St. Cloud State, toured Europe with the University Jazz Band. He also played in a number of variety bands during that time, both country and western, but soon discovered that rock and roll was his preferred style.

“I’m the kind of drummer who likes to play with enthusiasm,” Bill explains. “I was given the nickname ‘Crash Bang’ by a former bass player because I play loudly. I have mellowed a bit over the years.”

The Receders, Bill Hatling (second from left)

Bill’s current band, The Receders, has been together for almost 15 years. Widely known throughout St. Cloud as a favorite dance band, The Receders play a combo of originals and cover tunes, and even created an original CD in 2008 (with hopes to record an encore release soon).

See The Receders in action:

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The band, composed of four busy professionals, performs about once a month. One of their larger gigs was in August 2011, when they played to a crowd of roughly 5,000 at Summertime by George, an outdoor concert festival in downtown St. Cloud.

Bill is proudly passing on his love for music to his kids. Son Max is a drummer too, playing occasionally in a rock band. Daughter Hannah has already informed the family that “she will be famous doing something with music,” as she plays piano, drums and sings.

Describing his musical side as the “artist in him getting out,” Bill loves the creative opportunity to express himself. Plus, pounding the drums is a huge stress reliever—perfect for the president of HatlingFlint.

What’s your favorite way to relieve built-up stress from work or life in general?

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