Finally, portable Johns meet their mate: Say, Hi, Jean!


The Lakes Community Health Center is a nonprofit that provides primary health care services in Northwestern Wisconsin.

The Lakes came to Flint Group’s Duluth office, WestmorelandFlint, for help creating a public service hand-washing campaign at two large community gatherings in its service area: the Iron River Blueberry Festival and the Bayfield County Fair.

handwashing station
Hand-washing station

Since fairs (especially those featuring animals) are known to be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, The Lakes planned to have hand-washing stations at both events. Our task was to get people to use them.

The concept

Brainstorming for the campaign began like any other creative session – spitballing all things potty-related. We didn’t like our number-two pitch (tee-hee), so we went with our first idea.

We have all sorts of names for bathrooms, right? You’ve got the latrine, toilet, throne, lavatory, privy, loo and, of course, the John. Our thinking was, “If a port-a-potty can have a name, why not give these hand-washing stations an identity, too?”

Let me introduce you to Jean. Say, “Hi, Jean!”

Meet Jean

“Hi, Jean” turned The Lakes’ hand-washing stations into a fun personality that appealed to all ages, advertised the health center, and playfully incorporated the purpose of washing your hands – hygiene.

The creative

We created signs for both inside and outside the port-a-potty doors, signs at the hand-washing stations, and Hi, Jean!-branded stickers and hand wipes. Below is a picture of all the materials together, followed by a couple pictures of the actual hand-washing stations.Hi, Jean campaign

Hand-washing station

Mom with son at hand-washing station

In addition to signage at the port-a-potties and hand-washing stations, we also created directional posters featuring imagery that corresponded with specific locations and events at both fairs. The following signs were hung:

… at the Blueberry festival pie tables:

girl with blue tongue

… near the food booths (there are two – let’s be honest, isn’t that what fairs are all about?):

senior with cotton candy

teen eating apple

… in the petting zoo area

kid with animal

… in the ride area

boy by ride

… by the carnival games:


Hi, Jean has only just begun

The client also wanted the campaign to be reusable, so our print coordinator found advanced printing materials that are made to last,including NeverTear Polyester Paper and Photo-Tex.

It’s a good thing the campaign was designed to be used over and over, because The Lakes has already contacted me to start talking about Hi, Jean! phase 2. I know I speak for my whole team when I say we’re all looking forward to spending more time with Jean and John this summer.

Ericka Olin

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