How a new logo, website and advertising helped our client raise $65,000 for charity


Having lived in the Twin Ports for many years, I’ve always heard of and been curious about the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. So when several area Rotary Clubs asked our Duluth office to revamp marketing materials for this annual fundraising event, I was totally on board.

Our creative team jumped in by redesigning the festival’s logo and website. Then, we created  collateral materials, including a brochure, billboard and poster to spread the word – and waves.LSDBF-Logo

Dragon Boat website

Dragon Boat brochure

Dragon Boat brochure 2

Dragon Boat billboard

We approached the rebrand by focusing the design and messaging around the festival’s goal:

to provide a free, fun, family event while raising money for  Essentia Health Foundation, and the Twin Ports Rotary Clubs’ charitable giving.

These nonprofits do all sorts of great things for our community, like raising money for local cancer programs and renovating the parks and trails my kids and I go to all the time. Our team feels great about donating our time and talents to support organizations that benefit our community.

Dragon Boat poster

Dragon Boat poster 2

Inspired by Falkor (you know, the luckdragon from The NeverEnding Story), we decided to form a team and raise money for the 2011 Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. Donning our own paddle pants (consisting of flame capes, dry-wick t-shirts, bananas, athletic shorts and goggles), we paddled our way to a first-place finish among 22 teams in the Business Challenge Class. Click here [PDF] to view the full results.

Dragon Boat team photo-silly

Back of capes

Paddling 1

Paddling 2

Check out more photos on our Facebook page album.

And what’s better than eye-catching marketing and all-star paddling, the Rotary Clubs raised $65,000 at their 2011 festival. That makes us happy.

Dragon boat finish

With this year’s festival a mere two weeks away, our Duluth office has been busy chugging Gatorade and doing complex desk squats and water-cooler lunges. (Be prepared if you stop by for a meeting. No, seriously.)

Wish us luck on August 25, and check out Flint Group’s Facebook page for photos from the event.

Ericka Olin

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