How Eversmiles discovered the power of knowing its audience


Eversmiles logoEversmiles, formerly known as Duluth Pediatric Dentistry, provides primary and acute dental care for children.

As they prepared to move their practice from a location near downtown Duluth to a new building in Hermantown, Minnesota, the dentists at Duluth Pediatric Dentistry saw an opportunity to rethink their marketing strategy to increase the company’s growth.

That’s where we came in.

The problem

The doctors told us that although they had been running a successful practice for 10 years, they were experiencing barriers in growth because of misconceptions about pediatric dentistry. With very few pediatric dentists in the community, many people didn’t understand the value of taking children to see a pediatric dentist, as opposed to a general, or family, dentist.

With this in mind, our Duluth office, WestmorelandFlint, partnered with Duluth Pediatric Dentistry to educate and change perceptions about the lifelong value and importance of pediatric dental care. Many parents take their children to pediatricians, and the doctors at Duluth Pediatric Dentistry wanted to be viewed as the pediatricians of dental care.

The work

In developing a communication strategy, our challenge was to show that the practice understands kids without losing sight of the fact that adults make the decisions. The concept had to be positive and kid-focused, yet sophisticated and smart enough to appeal to parents.

Our team started by brainstorming with the dentists to come up with a name that fit their mission. We landed on Eversmiles, and moved forward with a comprehensive marketing package—a logo, stationary, business cards, a direct mail piece, appointment reminder cards and magnets—that was classy, yet fun and energetic. Check it out below.

business package

Eversmiles business package 2

Appointment card front and back:

Eversmiles appointment card front

Eversmiles appointment card back2

Direct mail front and back:

Eversmiles direct mail front

Eversmiles direct mail back 2

One of the key creative concepts involved using laughing to engage the audience. When people read jokes on Eversmiles advertising, they smile and become part of the Eversmiles brand. Here’s a print ad that was featured in several local magazines:

Eversmiles joke ad

Picture one of these magnets on your fridge:

Eversmiles magnet

Eversmiles magnet 2

Makes you smile, right? 🙂

We also created a new website that supports the practice’s focus on kids and grownups working together to achieve good hygiene. The site has a kid-friendly page that includes a downloadable coloring sheet, teeth-cleaning tips and fun facts, as well as a section with resources just for parents.Eversmiles website


In taking the time to truly understand the company’s mission and philosophy, we were able to show how Eversmiles makes going to the dentist a positive experience for both kids and parents.

Since Eversmiles implemented the communications plan and moved to its new location, the company has seen a more than 34 percent increase in patients – kids who, thanks to Eversmiles, are on their way to happy, healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.

Ericka Olin

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